Marty Husted Contemporary Paintings

News and Events

My painting Through the Woods was commissioned by the Frannklin County Board of Commissoners for the Greater Columbus Convention Center's permanent collection.

In Motion was featured in Art Design Consultants' Blog: Nature Inspired Art!

Autumn Spice was selected for The YWCA Group Show Award in Art comes Alive 2014



Rumination was selected for publication in the book Incite: Dreams Realized published by North Light Books,

F&W Media Inc.


The grace, majesty, and stillness of the forest is always a place for me to contemplate and reflect. My goal for this painting was to create a surreal and whimsical landscape and evoke in the viewer the emotions I have when I spend time in the forest.
The technique I used for this painting was to pour an acrylic background on the canvas, paint the image from my reference photo, and then add patterned papers and fabric. My dream for my art is to share a private moment, a part of my soul, and a feeling of magic.

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